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This year may not have been the sea of calm you had hoped for after the tumult of 2020 and 2021. The pandemic continued; war broke out in Europe; we experienced natural disasters and troubling shortages; and more viruses stoked fears. But 2022 was also a year of learning and discovery.

At Well, we found new strategies to combat stress in our lives and build psychological resilience. Here were some of our top mental health stories of the year — packed with essential guidance to usher you into 2023.

From insomnia and fatigue to headaches, stomachaches and changes in appetite, there are many ways your body may be telling you that you’re burned out. And while “burnout” may not be a formal medical diagnosis, Melinda Wenner Moyer reported, it doesn’t mean you should ignore its symptoms. Addressing burnout may take more than bubble baths and cups of tea, experts say, so consider consulting with a health care provider or a mental health professional to figure out the root of the issue.

The symptoms of depression and burnout can be challenging to distinguish: Both may cause you to sleep too much or too little, or to struggle to focus. But depression is a diagnosable medical condition, whereas burnout is not, Dani Blum wrote.

With burnout, you might feel overwhelmed by unrelenting tasks at work, leading to feelings of cynicism, depletion and resentment of your job, which might cause a lack of energy for your hobbies. With depression, on the other hand, said Jeanette M. Bennett, an associate professor who studies the effects of stress on health at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, you might not find your hobbies enjoyable at all. Or you might isolate yourself or neglect your hygiene and physical health. Understanding the difference is the first step in finding relief.

Think about a time you’ve felt the most elated and free. Were you jumping around with your arms raised at a concert? Were you cheering on your favorite sports team? Turns out the movements we make in response to feeling happy can …….


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