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No cute anime MMO is complete without allowing you to obtain a plethora of pets, and Ragnarok Origin is no different. While you can catch a handful of them via gameplay, many pets are only obtainable from the pet shop, and so can be quite expensive, costing in the realm of 1,000,000 Zeny for a Rank A pet, to 50,000,000 Zeny for a Rank S Pet. That’s out of the ballpark for many players, so we’ll focus in on the pets you can catch for a much cheaper amount in our guide.

First and foremost, you need to hit level 40 and complete the Pet quest that pops up in your menu. It’s little more than a fetch quest, so it won’t take you much time at all to complete. Once done, you will have 4 capture items — 2 Rainbow Carrots and 2 Condensed Orange Juice. These items cannot be used as is, but will instead be used when you find an appropriate pet. Open up your pet menu and scroll to the B-Rank pets, and choose whichever pet you like, then click the “How To Obtain” button in the bottom right. This will show you a selection of places where the monster can be found.

Once you’ve chosen a location, your character will auto-run to that specific map. When you arrive, you will have to manually hunt for the specific type of monster in the wild — you can’t just catch any version, it must match the one on the pet screen. When you’ve found one, you will see a Net icon like in the image above. Tap it and you will use one of your items to try and catch it — but if it fails, the pet will become aggressive, and if you have a Mercenary, will probably get murdered. Catch rates are low, so don’t despair, but you will likely need more Carrots and Orange Juice before you nab your first pet.


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