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There has been a major shift towards hybrid and remote working, with the majority of employees now preferring an option to work from home. This means employers risk being left behind in the increasingly competitive recruitment market if they cannot offer integrated remote working solutions. Here, I speak to Rory McKeand, CEO at digital transformation partner Technology Services Group (TSG), about the challenges and the benefits of hybrid working, and the ways in which technology can foster positive work cultures.

Gary Drenik: Why is hybrid working so attractive in the current age of business?

Rory McKeand: Hybrid working is a necessity – gone are the old rituals and practices. Simply put, companies need to adapt to hybrid working or risk falling behind. A large part of the attractiveness of hybrid working is down to the level of trust it places between an employee and company, and employees who feel like they are trusted to the job, no matter where they are, achieve greater outcomes for businesses.

According to a recent Prosper Insights & Analytics survey, over half of Gen-Z (52%), Millennials (56%) and Gen-X (52%) would prefer to work for a company that allowed them to work from home rather than in an office. Only 29% of Boomers said they’d prefer to work from home, though almost 58% of surveyed Boomers have now retired.

Prosper – Prefer to Work For Company That Allows You to Work From Home

Prosper Insights & Analytics

It shows the huge shift in public opinion towards hybrid working, and it’s certainly been invaluable for TSG. Since we’ve moved to a hybrid working model, we’ve not only been successful in attracting and retaining top talent, but we’ve also had a number of employees return to TSG because we’re able to offer them much more than we were a few years ago – all thanks to hybrid working and the introduction of new technologies allowing us to do so. In addition, we are now seeing top scores for our B Heard surveys, landing us in several of the “Best Companies” lists to work for in the UK.

Drenik: How have cloud systems affected the way teams work together and collaborate?

McKeand: Cloud technologies offer the opportunity for people to communicate and collaborate in ways they couldn’t previously with on-premises systems. If we think about field workers, they are now able …….


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