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Going digital: QR codes have seen a sharp increase in usage over the past two years.


The popularity of QR codes have seen many ups and downs over the course of its almost 30-year existence, but with the need for contact-less menus and transactions during the pandemic, barcode technology is coming back in a big way. From 2018-2020, QR code usage has increased by 96% and many of the top real estate brokerages across the globe have taken notice.

With internet listings now being the primary means for home searches, the ease of use and speed of QR codes have made this once-forgotten technology more valuable than ever.

Here’s how top agents are using this simple yet effective tool to connect with clients.

Despite its complicated image, QR codes are both ubiquitous and simple, making it a fine candidate … [+] for those seeking to streamline information sharing.

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Straightforward Listings

Previously, one of the main drawbacks of QR codes was entire segments of the population unaware of how the technology worked, but that has drastically changed since the pandemic says Chris Morrison, co-founder of RETSY. “I went to a restaurant with my mother, who is not a tech-savvy person, and I watched her easily scan a QR code to order a drink. I realized then that a lot more people must know how to use this technology than before.”

It was this realization that helped lead Morrison to start RETSY and develop the proprietary technology that would define the Scottsdale-based brokerage. “We use QR codes on almost every listing. What it does is give the consumer easy access to the information they want without all the extra trouble. No agents nagging you for months, no 1-800 recordings, no empty flier boxes. Just scan and you’ve got everything you need.”

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For Tracey Atkins, a director at Private Property Global, QR codes not only make listings easier to access but also more enticing. By …….


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