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As Netflix’s unsettling thriller You returns to our screens, social media has once again become flooded with women professing their attraction to the fictitional killer Joe Goldberg. 

But Elaine Parker, CEO and Founder of Safer Date, has warned that this tendency to focus on the character’s charming and attractive side is worrying, because if you do the same in a real-life relationship, it’s easy to miss the warning signs of violent and controlling tendencies. 

Elaine told FEMAIL: ‘When it comes to dating – and particularly online dating – everyone needs to be aware that there are no legal standards for the dating industry, so you could literally be talking to anyone online – even serial domestic abusers and sex offenders. 

‘When it comes to You, we’ve seen a lot of women on social media say that they have a guilty crush on Joe despite his violent tendencies. These definitely aren’t qualities you should be looking for in a partner. 

‘However, watching his character on TV, we can see how easy it is for Joe to hide these characteristics, and that’s why it’s so important to look out for red flags like ‘love bombing’ and possessiveness.’ 

After Netflix’s unsettling thriller You returned to our screens last week, a safety expert has revealed how to spot relationship red-flags, including relentless ‘love bombing’. Pictured, Penn Badgley as fictitious killer Joe Goldberg 

She added: ‘If you are dating and you see any red flags – trust your gut and get out of the relationship. 

‘Please look out for your friends too. If any of your friends are dating online and you feel something isn’t right, ask if they’re okay. 

‘It’s not always easy to talk about what’s going on behind closed doors, so if you see less and less of them and they are becoming withdrawn, reach out. It’s difficult to start those conversations, but it could make a huge difference.  

Elaine Parker, CEO and Founder of Safer Date, (pictured) revealed how to stay safe dating online

Here, Elaine reveals how to stay safe dating online by spotting the seemingly innocent signs that could be pointing to something more sinister. 

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