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One of the pinnacles of self-improvement is trying to balance all of our commitments. We’re all incredibly busy and with only a certain amount of time on our hands each day, it can be difficult to figure out what is worth pursuing and what isn’t.

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Like many, I’ve been struggling with that to a degree in my life. However, the struggle has gotten significantly easier after I took a self-improvement course.

Now, there are a tonne of self-improvement courses out there, but the one I went through is the course offered by Lifehack – The Full Life Framework. Below I provide you with an honest lifehack course review.

To get an understanding of how this helped me relearn life balance, it’s important to know what this course is all about. Created by Lifehack CEO Leon Ho, the course provides the foundation of 5 life principles.

These life principles are tried and true and that Leon has used in the past to turn his life from working constantly to a full life that he is happy with and is enriching in all aspects. There is no doubt that this is an effective course as the lifehack academy has many courses revolving around these concepts. The Full Life Framework course encompasses all of them.

The principles that this program provides are:

  • Life missions
  • Settling for not making sacrifices
  • A progressive mindset
  • Gaining self control in life
  • Using life multipliers

Here is how those principles allowed me to rebalance my life.

The first cornerstone of this program and that this Lifehack Academy review will look at is life missions. Life missions, according to the course, work similar to goals, but they have more depth to them.

Life missions are things like fulfilling a desire or completing a goal, but it’s also tied to your own sense of self. It puts more emphasis on what you desire in life on a subconscious level.

I think this is amazing and it does make sense since succeeding in life is about pursuing goals and dreams that have a significant role in your life. If you’re focusing on setting goals …….


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