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Confidence is key in any industry. Knowing what you’ve got in place and that you’re supported along the way is a primary driver to resilience, adaptability, and continuity. Technology plays a big part to instill that confidence, along with the hospitality technology partnerships that are associated with it. Partnerships and evolving solutions are what help organizations like yours to inspire a vision for where you want to go, and what you need to be to get there.

That said, the present is as important as the future. So, what should technology in hospitality contexts like hotels, resorts, and casinos deliver every day, right now? What are the essential pillars to success for everyone involved – business strategy, staff activities, and the guest experience? Let’s look at these foundational areas.

Easy visibility and access to key information

When people know what is happening in as close to real time as possible, it’s much easier to discuss, collaborate, adjust, and execute on a strategy. It’s best too to get the highest possible vantage point on things like competitive pricing, revenue, and profitability. It’s also helpful to know who your best guests are – how they interact with your brand or brands, their histories, and preferences – across all locations to help create the kinds of experiences that will nurture a lasting relationship.

Cloud technology enables all the above, which is why hospitality organizations are making strides toward digital transformation with multitenant cloud. But beyond the question of cloud vs on-prem, the benefits of this are about enabling staff at every level to do their best work. The question of access to what they need wherever they are as supported by internal and external expertise alike is an essential factor in accomplishing that goal.

Flexibility and empowerment

When staff members at locations can access information on their personal device – guest information, requests, cleaning schedules, reservations, and other factors – they are connected in real time to the tasks before them with greater clarity. A hospitality technology platform that easily incorporates mobile technology, not only to enhance the guest experience (which we’ll touch on in a second), but also to remove the gaps in knowledge or to visibility for service staff can be the difference between success and falling short of it.

It can also make the difference between teams being happy in their work and feeling as though they’re not doing the best job they can do. Relationships are important. This includes the ones your teams have …….


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