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For those of you that look into adding live casino games to your playing routine, you may be wondering about how technology has made it possible to come this far? Today we are seeing enthusiastic casino players, playing from all over the world, so easily and so seamlessly. Casinos now offer huge live casino portfolios due to the technology becoming more advanced and innovative within the gambling industry.

With popular variations of live casino, such as game shows like Crazy Time, Live Monopoly and classic games that includes blackjack, roulette and baccarat, technology that has continuously evolved rapidly, makes playing real time casino games a walk in the park. Within this review we look at the exact details of how technology has allowed such ideals to exist and entertain us within the past two decades.

Key Live Casino Components

Below are the attributes and technological features that a casino and games developer must invest in, to allow bringing real time live casino as a possibility to players within the gambling community.


Cameras play an active and important role to ensure that they are providing the key features of a casino game to the player on the other end of the screen. In fact, the latest technological breakthrough allows for smaller cameras to be used, that stream the live feed of the casino game even more powerfully than ever introduced before. For example, a roulette game from Microgaming, would need to use three separate games alone to allow players to engage with the game. One camera would be used for the roulette table, another for the filming of the wheel and finally the overall picture display.

Game Control Unit

The next feature that is pretty important, is the Game Control Unit (GCU), that comes attached to the casino table game itself. This device is pretty small, no larger than a small shoe box in fact, but it is responsible for providing the code that allows for the games to be broadcast to players. The GCU aids the dealer within the game being filmed, to run the game live and essentially is key for assisting the access to broadcast from your end.


Of course, the presence of a wheel will depend on whether or not you are playing roulette of course, however if you are, this will be the main component to the game. As a player, you will be …….


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