Hospital and school board consider new fitness facility – Belmond Indepedent

   Belmond-Klemme Superintendent Dan Frazier discussed with the school board Oct. 21 about the possibility of the district pairing with the Iowa Specialty Hospital to build a new fitness center. Frazier said the hospital is looking to move its offices into the Belmond Fitness Center on Main Street. Although the hospital would like to keep a new fitness center downtown, the school would like access for students during the school day and would prefer a fitness center near the junior/senior high.

  Boardmember Gary Berkland said he would like to see the new fitness center built along the east side of the trail between Main and Third Streets. However, that land is privately owned and the city has plans for a housing development there.   

  Frazier said the school has “significant interest” in partnering on the project, and will continue to work with the hospital.


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