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Dating app Hinge is adding new audio features, letting users answer the “getting to know you” prompts on their profile using audio clips and exchange voice notes in chat.

The new features will roll out Wednesday globally and are the latest example of apps using voice to add a new dimension to digital dating. Rival services like Bumble and Happn have already added voice notes to their app, and one app, String, only lets users communicate with their voice. For many people, the sound of someone’s voice can be an important part of attraction, and exchanging voice notes is a more expressive way to communicate.

Users will be able to exchange voice notes in chat.

Image: Hinge

If users want to add a voice prompt to their profile, they should make sure the app is updated, then head to Settings > Edit Profile > Voice Prompt. You can record a voice note for any of Hinge’s regular prompts (questions like worst date stories and favorite random facts).

“Hinge wants to help people get to know you as soon as they see your profile. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine how many your voice is,” said Hinge’s chief product officer Michelle Parsons in a press release. “With the introduction of Voice Prompts, we’re adding more authenticity to the profile experience, allowing users to fully display their personality in a new way.”

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