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TYSONS, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct 27, 2021–

Higher Digital, the leader in digital transformation for higher education, today announced the launch of its transformation service, (SEA)change, to support higher education institutions in their quest to make better use of technology. (SEA)change provides a change management service that rapidly aligns technology investments with an institution’s vision, strategy, operations and culture. This service has already produced demonstrative results for several beta customers that helped test and refine the approach; with today’s announcement, (SEA)change is officially available to higher education institutions on a global basis.

IT projects exhibit a high failure rate due to a variety of factors, including ambiguous definitions of success, unclear priorities, ineffective change processes and inadequate preparations for end-user adoption. Furthermore, IT projects tend to be owned by IT rather than an appropriate member of the leadership team capable of orchestrating cross-functional support for the business value targeted by the technology investment.

“IT projects – by definition – have a high failure rate because they are led by IT rather than business stakeholders and they are projects rather than processes. This orientation obstructs the team’s ability to design for scale, prioritize usability, minimize technical debt, ease adoption, and support continuous improvement,” said Colleen Baker, co-founder and COO of Higher Digital. Baker is the creator of (SEA)change and was recently named to DCA Live’s 2021 Power Women of Tech. “With (SEA)change we remove these constraints by facilitating a business-driven program that aligns strategy and execution.”

The (SEA)change service combines a proprietary SaaS platform, rapid data analysis and facilitated change to accomplish successful digital transformation across the enterprise. (SEA)change incorporates (SEA)results, Higher Digital’s proprietary SaaS platform, which allows institutions to confidentially benchmark internally and against peer institutions across over twenty dimensions, spanning change management practices and outcomes from culture to security. The data is then used to inform a tailored change management strategy that delivers transformational results, like:

  1. Increase project success rates by 30%-50%. By organizing all stakeholders and participants in a role-based process that balances strategic input, iterative progress and scalable operations, (SEA)change pre-empts typical planning and execution risks and ensures improved success rates.
  2. Strategically align your institution within 3 months. Anonymized and aggregated assessment data gets stakeholders on the same page more quickly, leading to stronger alignment and deeper commitments to prioritized objectives.
  3. Improve productivity and morale. Once teams are better aligned and seeing repeatable progress, productivity and morale rise in a virtuous cycle.
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