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Like every year, 2022 saw plenty of tech products come and go. Not all of them managed to live up to the hype (looking at you, Pixel Watch), but the ones that did truly stood out. From the unparalleled cameras in the Google Pixel 7 Pro to the unique versatility of Valve’s Steam Deck, 2022 was a great year for gadgets that slotted right into your lifestyle, whether you’re a WFH homebody or a go-getting travel enthusiast.


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Without further ado, here’s the best tech 2022 had to offer.

Best gaming newcomer: Steam Deck

The Steam Deck packs a lot of power into an acceptably small body.
Credit: Dustin Drankoski/Mashable

While there are countless entities making amazing video games out there, the world of video game hardware is much smaller and more cutthroat. One poorly received console can be enough to kill a company’s desire to ever try again. No other gaming company has successfully managed to break up the Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft triumvirate that’s dominated the console market for the last 20 years.

So when PC gaming titan Valve decided to jump into the handheld console market with the Steam Deck back in February, there was every reason to expect that it might not work. Valve’s previous hardware efforts like the console-esque Steam Machines and the oddball Steam Controller failed to find footing. Its $1,000 Valve Index VR headset has fared a bit better largely thanks to the hype around Half Life: Alyx, but VR is still a niche market.

It’s pretty audacious to jump into the hardware market with something that’s going to draw direct comparisons to the ultra-popular and beloved Nintendo Switch, but Valve pulled it off. 


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The Steam Deck is powerful enough to play high-end PC games on the go, comfortable to hold, and has a gorgeous touch display. If that wasn’t enough, you can even install different operating systems on it and use it as a portable emulation machine for older consoles like the GameCube and PlayStation 2. There’s no other portable gaming system that offers anywhere near the level of freedom the Steam Deck provides and for that it belongs on any list of the best tech of 2022.

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Credit: Alex Perry/Mashable

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