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Sculpt Pilates and Barre was opened just shy of seven months before the pandemic started, only to be met with more than six months of closed doors.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Many industries have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic—and this includes the fitness industry. 

Some had to keep budgeting and switch to virtual models to stay afloat and others simply had to cut business short and close.

Harrisburg fitness studio, Sculpt Pilates and Barre, stayed open but it was no easy feat.

“It was tough, we had to get creative,” Owner Beth Seitz said. “We tried to go to an online model but…they (clients) missed the equipment, they missed each other, they missed the whole experience.”

Instructors who are actively involved with their clients add virtual sessions and they benefit but challenge as well.

“I tried to interact with them on social media to keep that conversation going,” Jessi Feltenberger, an instructor at Sculpt Pilates and Barre said. “I think for Pilates, you can do mat Pilates at home and it is very beneficial, however, on these machines, these are reformer machines, you can’t really get the most out of the practice.” 

Both virtual and in-person sessions continue at the fitness studio, giving extra availability for any person who comes in including Jackson Shearer, who has a busy school schedule.

Shearer decided he wanted to get in shape at a younger age than most.

“It was about two years ago, I was 12-years-old, and I thought ‘Now is the age I should start working out and building muscle,'” he said. “It’d be good because I’m starting to go through all that stuff.” 

To learn more about the fitness instructions offered, you can visit the studio’s website here.

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