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Across many different industries, advances in technology are opening the door for new opportunities and new, more efficient ways of doing things. While not an industry known for being at the forefront of advances in technological processes, Public Relations is embracing these advances and benefiting from their use to minimize, and in some cases, eliminate existing manual tasks. In some cases, technologies are being designed specifically to benefit and enhance the work that PR agencies do, in order to streamline and find efficiencies in everyday data gathering processes. These processes can be extremely labor-intensive when performed by an employee, but through the use of technology, they can be automated based on a provided data set.

Using tech to help PR agencies fulfill their client’s needs

Public Relations agencies can access and adopt a variety of different types of technologies that will change the way they build and distribute their pitches and press releases to ensure maximum exposure and coverage.

Some of these options include Artificial intelligence programs used to suggest and recommend similar media contacts based on current contacts and the pieces that they cover. This will enable the PR agency to expand their database with a few quick clicks as opposed to hours of research. Artificial intelligence can have the ability to narrow in on an influencer’s preference for receiving media pitches, which will help the PR agency to understand the best approach for their release to increase the likelihood of coverage. There are even AI programs that will help you write press releases and blogs and help determine reporters and editors who might be interested in your news. 

In large PR agencies, teams can often reach out to the same contacts and influencers for multiple press releases. With the new technologies available to PR firms, their teams can ensure that the contacts inside of their database aren’t being reached out to by multiple team members at the same time with different stories. While many agencies have programs available to them to track mentions as a means of counting impressions, one of the newest technologies allows PR agencies to track backlinks. These links can be far more valuable and provide a more sustainable media trail. 

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity and gain listenership, the need for PR agencies to have the ability to track and identify media mentions inside of podcasts also increases. Google Analytics has a vast …….

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