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As Halloween approaches and parents plan precautions for their kids’ safety, there’s another being trick-or-treaters should be aware of keeping safe as well — the family pet.

Washington County/Johnson City Animal Shelter Director Tammy Davis said Halloween can be a dangerous time for pets.

“We suggest that people leave their pets home when they take their kids trick-or-treating,” Davis said. Animals are just one more thing that drivers need to watch for on Halloween, and with all the excitement of the night, it’s likely a pet could get loose and run off.

At home, that same excitement as the doorbell rings over and over could be a hazard to pets. Davis said pets can easily dart out the door when people open it to hand out candy.

She suggested that pet owners keep their animals in a different room to help prevent any inadvertent escape from home.

The danger of Halloween doesn’t end there. Davis said parents and kids should be aware of the danger that candy poses for animals, particularly chocolate.

Also, if a pet does get into the candy stash and eats it, it’s likely to ingest the wrapper with the candy. Davis said it would be easy for a blockage to occur in an animal’s digestive system, which could require emergency care to prevent death.

There are often animal-specific Halloween events that would be better for pets, Davis said.

“Just as you want to keep your children safe on Halloween, don’t forget the importance of keeping your pets safe as well,” Davis said.

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