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Politicians declaring they know best and nominating electric cars alone to lead the race to be green are in danger of wasting valuable and proven resources provided by internal combustion engines (ICE) linked to batteries, and hybrid technology is the fastest way to reduce global carbon dioxide (CO2).

Claims that battery cars are CO2 emission-free are false, and although when partnered with renewable energy they have a clear advantage over hybrids, the overall win often isn’t that great.

That’s some of the conclusions of the book “Racing Toward Zero – The Untold Story of Driving Green” written by engineers Kelly Senecal of the U.S. and Felix Leach of the U.K., published by SAE International.  

Hybrids, which use small batteries (compared with the huge electric-only car batteries) avoid the risk of consuming huge quantities of scarce and likely ever more expensive commodities like lithium, nickel, cobalt and copper and can offer an affordable option. If battery-only electric cars, thanks to artificial demand from government subsidies, come to dominate the market, this is likely to price average earners out of their cars and on to the bus.

As the UN’s Climate Change Conference, COP 26, continues in Glasgow, Scotland, the message from politicians, environmental groups and the media seems to be an almost hysterical desire to “do something” in general and kill the ICE car in particular. Britain has already decreed the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars must end by 2030. The EU is planning something similar by 2035 although no decision has been taken. Germany, with its government currently in after-election limbo as political parties negotiate for power, might well find itself in the same position as the U.K. The U.S. has called for 50% of its auto market to be powered by BEVs, plug-in hybrids or fuel cells by 2030.  

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – OCTOBER 31: Extinction Rebellion activists are seen protesting on October 31, … [+] 2021 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. As World Leaders meet to discuss climate change at the COP26 Summit, many climate action groups have taken to the streets to protest for real progress to be made by governments to reduce carbon emissions, clean up the oceans, reduce fossil fuel use and other issues relating to global heating. (Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images)

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