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Google’s Nest lineup will work with Matter, but Google wants non-Google devices on board, too.

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Smart home device makers are all on board with a new standard called Matter that will make all of your stuff play nicely together, and Google is now working to get developers on board with that vision. It’s also rebranding its smart home ecosystem to Google Home, which will incorporate everything from its smart speakers and displays to Android and its Nest security devices.

The search giant announced it would be updating its Nest devices to support the new smart home standard back at Google I/O. But for buyers to get full use out of those devices once Matter has launched, Google will also need developers.

Matter was born out of Project Connect Home over IP, or CHiP. Google was one of its original backers, though Apple, Amazon, and others have also committed to its development. Matter uses a combination of Ethernet, wifi, Bluetooth LE, and Thread, which is a low-power mesh networking technology that’s been in use in Google’s smart home products for years.

The Google Home Developer Center isn’t for users like you and me, but it should hopefully result in a better experience within the smart home for us all.

Image: Google

Starting next year, developers can access the Google Home Developer Center, which features all the requisite SDKs and plug-ins for making smart home gadgets play nice with Matter and the rest of the Google Home ecosystem, too. It will feature programmable Google Home actions, including custom prompts for devices within the app so that new users will have a better idea of where to start. Google will also include toolkits for creating automations and routines, along with the …….


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