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As companion animals, especially dogs and cats, get older, their care requirements change. Their dietary needs may change, which results in different foods or supplements, and they might even require special assistive devices.  

The number of companion cats over the age of 10 has increased by 15 percent over the past decade, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. In addition, ScienceDaily reports that 20 percent of cats in the United States are age 11 or older, which is considered the threshold that many feline health experts consider geriatric. 

Cats experience significant changes to their bodies around the age of 11, increasing their vulnerability to certain medical conditions and diseases. Feline health experts note that many elderly cats suffer impaired ability to digest protein and fats, causing them to lose weight and muscle mass. In addition, their immune systems become weaker as they age, plus their joints begin to deteriorate, which results in reduced mobility. Finally, kidney disease and urinary tract problems are more likely to occur at this time. 

According to Tiki Cat, a proper diet can reverse or mitigate several of these geriatric health issues. To address the special needs of elderly felines, the brand has launched a range of wet food diets that offer customized nutrition for cats 11 years of age and older. The brand’s Tiki Cat Silver line comes in three varieties, with each offering increased amounts of high-quality, easily digestible protein and fat to help maintain weight and muscle mass. Pumpkin has been added to provide gentle fiber that aids digestion, helping cats process the food more efficiently.  

As a cat ages, its immune system declines and, here too, diet can play a role in slowing the process. Omega fatty acids as well as antioxidant vitamins A and E have been added to Tiki Cat Silver to support strong immune systems. Omega fatty acids, coconut and tuna oil also promote joint health for better mobility. 

Tiki Cat refers to Feline Nutrition Foundation, which reports that restricting the phosphate content of the diet can help protect the kidneys from further damage in cats with chronic renal failure. With that in mind, Tiki Cat Silver was formulated to be very low in phosphorous, a mineral that tends to build up in the blood of cats suffering from kidney disease. </…….


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