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Was it Tony Moly or Etude House your first? You know, the first Korean skincare sample, the gateway drug into the colorful, delicious and surprising world of K-beauty. 

K-beauty is here to stay and we’re here to help you find the best Korean skincare tools and gadgets to add to your routine. While you look for that Holy Grail, aka the best Korean moisturizer, add to your cart some of these K-beauty gadgets influencers swear by.

Re-create a spa-like environment in your home and get your skin some light therapy, without having to reach for the sunscreen with this LED beauty mask. It’s not only sheet masks Koreans go crazy for but also light masks, which use LEDs to boost your skin tonus and possibly enhance collagen production. However, most of the options look incredibly scary, so we settled on using this one, which looks super high tech. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean it!

Pair this mask with some caffeine and hyaluronic acid eye patches that are both affordable and effective, and you’ll positively glow the next day.

Check out the mask here.

Why do Koreans have such beautiful skin? 

It’s all in the routine. K-beauty is all above natural, relaxing rituals that make you and your skin comfortable. They prep the way for skincare actives like retinol, Vitamin C or ceramides.

One of our favorite Korean beauty tools is this little gadget for gua sha massage. This is a traditional, ancient Chinese massage you might have tried with a Jade roller or tool – but there’s a tech option too!
K-beauty influencers swear by gua shas and there’s many options.

The electric gua sha tool you see above will shorten your beauty ritual significantly, cause sometimes you do have to rush.   

The stainless steel conducts heat better, which can help relax the fine blood vessels under the skin, and the vibrating massage feature will …….

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