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With a new season comes the perfect opportunity to try something different. For winter 2021, why not adopt Lady Gaga’s House of Gucci accent? Or give witchcraft a go? Or maybe just embrace a new makeup look? SS22 brought us beauty moments like bold punk eyeliner, the return of glossy lips and shimmery vampiric skin. But what’s going on outside of the shows? Looking for inspiration, we called on five of our favourite makeup artists from cities across the world and asked them to fill us in on some key emerging trends. 

Read on for insights from Tokyo, Guadalajara, Paris, London and Shenzhen and learn how to get the looks at home.

Emily Wood, London 

Seven years into her career as a makeup artist, Stockport-born, London-based Emily Wood gravitates towards people and projects that nourish her soul. “We’re all having our allocated time on Earth and I wanna use it joyfully.” she says. And she certainly seems to be sticking by that; painting Sasha Keable’s face for her new music video “Killing Me” with Jorja Smith, as well as all manner of models for magazines. A face she keeps coming back to though, looks remarkably similar to her own: that of her sister, the Sex Education actor Aimee Lou Wood, who she’s made up for Vogue and beyond. 

What’s a big beauty trend you’re noticing for winter 2021?
London dazzles like no other in winter. A wash of metallic on the peepers to reflect (hiya, pun!) the crisp air and electric essence that sparkles on the city and through our souls. People will be stargazing into your space lids. Imagine you’ve just swept your finger on planet Mercury and popped the findings on your lids. It’s mirror-like and beyond the shimmery-shadow textures we’re used to. 

Where do you think the inspiration behind the metallic eye look came from?
People are celebrating life and it’s beautiful. Why wouldn’t you want to look like your eyes are having a disco on the moon? 

Got any tips for people hoping to recreate it themselves?
Mehron metallic powder pigment mixed with their mixing liquid. A little goes really far. You need 2mm of powder and a drop of liquid. Use a medium-sized fluffy eye brush, start by applying the product on your lids, really tuck the brush in the lash line so there’s no negative space. If you fancy it, gradually defuse and blend the …….


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