Who’s on your shopping list for gifts this year? Your pet, pets belonging to friends, neighbors, and family members, plus all those people who love and live with all those pets? Of course!

We’ve rounded up some suggestions from our friends online, gifts for pets and their people.


Tamara A Howard (New Jersey)

1) Paco collar(s)

2) Byte tag(s)

3) Dog beds or sofas

4) Personalized water/food bowls

5) Personalized puppy book

6) Food- or treat-dispensing toys

7) BarkBox or meowbox

8) Waggle vehicle temperature monitor


10) A new Furbo 360° (Declan P loves the original) or any camera that lets you speak with your pups and keep a watchful eye on them. Tossing treats is a bonus!


Trish McMillan (North Carolina) I love my Fi collar—it’s amazing to see how much my dog moves in a day, plus peace of mind to track her on off-leash hikes. Someone please buy one for each of my other dogs this year! She’s currently the #4 Dobe on the app!


Photo by Trish McMillan


Sandie Hanlon (Massachusetts) GPS collars are a great gift. Fi makes a really good one that works with an app on your phone.


Stephanie Presdee (United Kingdom) Have got Maverick a Flippity fish! Seen one of Denise O’Moore’s dogs carry his around and love it. I hope, as it moves, it will keep mine amused!


Cheri A. Moore (Washington) We used to make our dog (now gone) Christmas cookies from a favorite dog-biscuit recipe. Then when her humans were having a Christmas cookie, she got one, too. Trust me, she knew which tin was hers!

Linda C. Wood</…….


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