From Statement Pouts To Dramatic Eyes, All The Best Celebrity Halloween Beauty Moments Of 2021 – ELLE Australia

Given the past year of pandemic panic, restrictions and lockdowns, the world is long overdue for party season. And with Christmas and New Year’s celebrations well-and-truly on their way, it’s often easy to forget about the spooky season.Each and every year, when All Hallow’s Eve arrives at our doorstep, it’s common knowledge that all the beauty stops need to be pulled out when it comes to nailing a costume. And this year, Hollywood’s A-list have done exactly that.It should come as no surprise that famous faces—and the equally notorious soirées they’re invited to—have delivered show-stopping ostentatious outfits yet again, but as for their makeup moments, well, we’re more than impressed.

And while most kept their looks rather neutral to showcase the jaw-dropping nature of their outfit, others committed to full-body makeup, prosthetics (or both!), to emulate their chosen character and keep us in awe of their talents.

From Ariana Grande’s ode to the Blue Lagoon and Hailey Bieber’s homage to Britney Spears à la early ’00s, we’ve rounded up the best celebrity makeup moments to come out of Halloween 2021.


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