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DENVER, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — As we head into the holidays, health and wellness are top of mind, and who doesn’t want a little Unicorn Dust or Secret Stuff to fill their stockings? With names that are as fun as the items are hard-working, Friction Labs delivers the new standard in chalk for athletes who demand a better grip.

“I use Friction Labs Secret Stuff liquid chalk to keep my hands dry and give me a stronger grip while climbing and weightlifting,” said NFL Left Guard Wes Schweitzer, from the Washington Football Team. “Many of my climbing and lifting exercises are similar, which benefits my play on the field with increased awareness, core strength, grip strength, overall strength and athleticism. Thanks to climbing last year I had my best season yet and expect to be even better this year.”

For the fitness fanatic list, Friction Labs athletic chalk is giftable for any athlete in archery, CrossFit, climbing, disc golf, golf, gymnastics, racquet sports, sharpshooting, weightlifting and more. Originally developed to meet the demands of rock climbers, their chalk products are now used and trusted by top athletes requiring dependable, long-lasting grip, making it the perfect gift this holiday season with many options under $20.

“All of our products, from loose chalk to liquid chalk, are a great surprise for the athletes on your holiday list,” said Keah Kalantari, co-founder of Friction Labs. “The foundation of Friction Labs has always been to create athletic chalk that enables every athlete, across a wide variety of sports, to reach their maximum potential by providing a safe, healthy, strong, dry grip, making our chalk the perfect stocking stuffer for your athlete.”

From the fan-favorite ultra-fine Unicorn Dust to the newest Secret Stuff Hygienic liquid chalk, Friction Labs products are all made in the U.S., stripped of unnecessary fillers and additives, and have zero drying agents. The high purity magnesium carbonate provides long-lasting moisture absorption and is great for all skin types.

“In 2020 when the pandemic hit, we knew we needed to provide athletes with a product to keep them safe while working out,” said Kevin Brown, CEO and co-founder of Friction Labs. “We created the first chalk cream that outperformed hand sanitizer at killing COVID-19 and pathogenic bacteria called Secret Stuff Hygienic.”

The purity of Friction Labs chalk is so high that it has even been used in the brewing of beer. In 2021 …….


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