FreeWheel’s Integration of Beeswax Technology Represents Significant Milestone, Enabling Seamless Audience Extension and Inventory Management for Publishers – Yahoo Finance

FreeWheel’s vision to simplify TV buying and selling comes closer to fruition with the availability of enhanced programmatic buying features within its platform.

Integration comes less than nine months after FreeWheel’s acquisition of Beeswax and will enable it to further deliver for clients.

NEW YORK, November 09, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, FreeWheel announced that it has integrated a key set of technologies into its platform to enable its clients to programmatically acquire incremental inventory and extend audience reach in one easy workflow. By integrating Beeswax bidding capabilities into its supply technology, FreeWheel is investing in the future of programmatic trading as a cornerstone of the television marketplace.

The new integration will provide a way for media owners and sellers who use FreeWheel’s publisher technology for management and optimization of their own inventory to access additional premium TV and video inventory directly through FreeWheel. By automating campaign extension using advanced bidding algorithms, publishers will be able to fulfill advertising campaigns across available pools of inventory throughout the media ecosystem.

“When we acquired Beeswax earlier this year, we recognized that its leading bidding technology could be used to improve the value that our platform provides to our customers,” said Dave Clark, General Manager, FreeWheel. “Now, with our recently completed integration, this value proposition is real – a unified inventory view, unified optimization, and unified measurement across inventory sources and screens, within a single system. This advancement will bring immediate, meaningful change to our customers and the industry.”

With this integration, FreeWheel’s publisher customers will be able to seamlessly deliver against both their own inventory and third-party inventory with the same creatives, workflow, frequency capping, budgeting, and pacing. With bidding technology built right into the platform, users will have a unified view of all their inventory sources and optimize campaigns for performance and profitability.

“The advancements we have made with this integration address the realities of the new TV ecosystem. As sellers look for heightened capabilities to acquire and manage third-party inventory, the need for enhanced connection has never been more important,” added Clark. “Building technology that provides simpler, stronger connections between ecosystem partners is the key to success in today’s fragmented market. We believe this is the future of TV, and this is a significant step in making it happen.”

FreeWheel is currently piloting this solution with select customers with plans for a full …….


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