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Even though I have a gym membership and regularly go for jogs around my city, I still love to do the occasional at-home workout. I feel like they’re perfect for rainy days, cold days, and days when I just don’t want to be seen by anyone. And since I’m always looking for new ways to add to my fitness routine, I decided to give the Freeletics app a try.

Freeletics is a fitness app that offers “intensive workouts and individualized training,” according to its tagline. Once you download it, you learn that it’s based on AI and data from sports scientists, which is how it creates personalized training plans and adapts workouts to your specific needs. And its workouts run the gamut: You can choose which muscle groups you want to focus on, for instance, and whether you want to run, lift weights, do bodyweight exercises — or all of the above.

Before you start sweating, the app asks you to rank your top three health goals. I went with “relieve stress,” “improve fitness,” and “increase endurance.” (Other options include to “gain strength,” “eat better,” and “improve mental strength.”) The AI-based algorithm finishes up by asking you to plug in your fitness level so that it knows what it’s working with. And if you only have 15 minutes, like to avoid push-ups, or want a quiet workout (hey, downstairs neighbor), the platform will only suggest routines within those parameters.

Then it’s time to get moving. Read on for my Freeletics review and everything you need to know about using the fitness app.

Membership Options

The first thing I realized was you do have to pay for a lot of the cool features. To gain access to a tailor-made exercise routine, called your Training Journey, you’re asked to sign up and pay about $3.83 a week, which adds up to roughly $49.99 for three months. Once you do, you get training that caters to your fitness goals, the ability to adapt or change your workouts, as well as an endless variety of workouts.

There’s also the option to pay for a bundle so that you have access to a digital training coach and a nutrition coach, where you’ll get personalized feedback as well as healthy recipes.

That said, you can use Freeletics for free, which is what I did. While it makes sense that all the science and AI would come with a price tag, I wanted a test run before taking the plunge.



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