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Regardless of the species, breed or size of the pet, regular exercise of body and mind is a must. “If your pet can move around on land, it has been proven over time that a tired pet is better behaved, calmer, more focused, better bonded with the parent and better adjusted.” says Divya Singh Vishwanath, stylist and lifestyle blogger.

1. Health Issues

Regular exercise will certainly keep all pets healthy, active and limber. Like us, pets have muscles that need to be used and cardio will also make their heart stronger and joints well lubricated. We so often see pets around us with obesity and lethargy issues. A blatant sign of lack of exercise. Extra weight will lead to issues with their joints and will open a gateway to many more health problems. The main cause for a pet fussing over food is lack of exercise and over feeding. They can’t take themselves to the gym, and they are dependent on you for that. Don’t let them down!

2. Behavioural issues

Your pet needs to burn out the excess energy and exercise is the only key to that. For example, we all have seen dogs that bark unnecessarily or dig compulsively or excessive licking, even anxiety-based biting. This is all due to excess energy not spent, and lack of socialising. The walks we take our pets on, is their Facebook, twitter, Instagram and tea-with-friends time. They smell, sniff, get greeted by other pets and their humans and get accustomed to touch and sounds. This way they develop social skills, learn right behaviour and learn to interact right with other pets and humans. They get comfortable with their surroundings. A well socialised pet is more stable, less anxious, well-adjusted and a delight for all. Most behavioural issues can be tackled with right amount of exercise and social interaction. Being a pet mommy since a very young age, I strongly recommend at least one walk, outdoors, every day, from the day you get the pet home.

3. Keeps their brain healthy

A well-known fact, a well-used brain is a healthy brain. Since pets can’t sit with sudoku, exercise for their brains is a must. The exposure they get on walks does wonders for them. Every smell, sound or command gives their mind a mini-workout. Just like us, every exercise session, gives them an endorphin rush, which gives them an instant high and makes them very happy. A happy pet is less anxious, less destructive and very social. Not just physical exercise, a few mind …….


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