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I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with fitness gear and gadgets. Even before the pandemic, I’d developed a habit of trying new fitness gear both at home and in the gym to see what’s actually worth the hype, and I’ve learned a lot since then. From VR workouts to hopping on the Peloton craze with a Bowflex C6 bike, my husband and I even built out a fully-equipped home gym in our garage prior to moving into the city, but thanks to downsizing, we’ve had to be a little more strategic about our space. 

As you can imagine, that meant I was pretty familiar with the concept of fitness mirrors, so when I had the opportunity to try out one of the newest ones to hit the market — the FORME Studio(opens in a new tab) — I absolutely jumped at the chance. 

What is the FORME Studio? 

A fully customizable fitness studio, the FORME is hands-down one of the most interesting fitness mirrors I’ve seen to date. At 68 inches (nearly six feet tall), the FORME Studio is a full foot taller than the Mirror and 18 inches taller than Tonal, making it a stunning full-length mirror that actually, you know, looks like a mirror. With white glove delivery, users have the option of wall mounting the mirror or resting it on the ground — which is what I chose — and at 102 pounds, it’s definitely a weighty and surprisingly well-made device. 

At first glance, the FORME Studio genuinely looks like a gorgeous, high-quality mirror. Several of my friends were shocked to find out that it was a fitness studio, which was definitely a win in my book. Compared to other fitness mirrors like Tonal, which have more of a gadget-y vibe, I loved how the FORME actually looked like an intentional part of my home decor, which was huge compared to other fitness equipment (like my spin bike) that eats up a lot of floor space.

Users have the option to customize their FORME Studio according to their preferences. I stuck with the basic package — which included the mirror itself, a yoga mat, heart rate monitor, cleaning cloth, and camera covers — but FORME also offers a barre add-on(opens in a new tab) (that includes a removable, real wood barre as well as barre socks and a barre ball) and a lift add-on(opens in a new tab) with …….


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