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Imagine, if you can, hanging upside down for 50 minutes. It’s called aerial fitness and was created by gymnasts where most of the workout is executed in the air. However, there’s a new unique gym that’s just opened in New Milford that provides something outside of your typical gym workout. It’s called J.Rouge Fitness and Aerial Arts, located at 103 Danbury Road, New Milford.

Owner Jennifer Ramey told me that aerial fitness is a unique training concept that combines strength, balance, and agility while having fun, creating beauty and building self-confidence.

According to, aerial fitness beginners classes are perfect for strengthening the core, enhancing flexibility, and learning how to dance in the air. Personally, as a man who’s reached senior citizen status, just looking at the photos on the J. Rogue Aerial Fitness Facebook page, I can’t help thinking what my various unworked muscle groups would feel like after a workout of this magnitude.

You need not worry boys and girls, the fabric used to work the various parts of your body has a breaking strength of 1,000 to 3,000 pounds, and the good news is that anyone, men, women, as well as children can experience aerial fitness depending on how fit your body is right now.

J. Rouge Aerial Fitness FB page…

Have I caught your attention yet? Because the best part of aerial fitness is that people of every age, every body shape, and size can do this! It’s not just for the fit or daring. Certified instructors at J. Rouge  welcome learners to everything from kid’s trapeze classes, to aerial yoga for seniors.

If you’re just about ready to give aerial fitness a try but have questions, simply reach out to Jen Ramey, the owner of J. Rouge Fitness and Aerial Arts at 103 Danbury Road in New Milford.

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