Fitness buffs say Chipotle’s supply chain issues are messing with their gains – Yahoo News

Weight lifters told Insider they’ve noticed supply shortages and smaller portions at Chipotle. Chipotle has a reputation among lifters as a go-to post workout meal. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

  • Weightlifters, sometimes called “gym bros,” told Insider they are seeing supply shortages at Chipotle.

  • Lifters said Chipotle has built a reputation in the fitness industry as a go-to post-workout meal.

  • Fitness enthusiasts said Chipotle’s clean ingredients and customizable bowls can help build muscle.

Supply chain issues plaguing chains like Chipotle may have gained an unlikely enemy: weight lifting enthusiasts, commonly known as “gym bros.”

Chipotle has built a reputation among weightlifters as a go-to post-workout meal. For instance, fitness influencer Devin Cunningham went viral in 2016 after he said eating Chipotle every day for a year helped him get fit.

But now, due to the ongoing supply chain crisis – a symptom of COVID-19 related slowdowns and an increase in online shopping – many restaurant chains have scaled back operation hours and faced supply shortages.

Customers have reported that Chipotle locations are frequently missing ingredients and doling out “tiny burritos.” Chipotle said on an October 21 earnings call that food costs went up by 30.3% due to supply chain disruptions.

Fitness coach and personal trainer Patrick Wilson is among the disappointed Chipotle customers. Wilson told Insider he’s recently noticed shortages in fajitas and lettuce.

Wilson, who has been active in the fitness community for three and a half years and has been training for over a decade, said he used to get Chipotle after every workout in high school. He said because Chipotle allows for customization, along with clean ingredients, fitness enthusiasts can craft a bowl to either lose fat or increase calories.

“With Chipotle, you can make it more like fun meal, like you could get a burrito with sour cream and cheese and it’s going to be higher calorie, but it’s also going to taste fantastic,” Wilson said.

TikTok comedian Justin Lupo has poked fun at the “gym bro” obsession with Chipotle in a video that has received 9.7 million views and 1.7 million likes.

“For the meat I’ll have double chicken, you know what I mean, for the gains,” Lupo said in the comedy sketch, referring to building muscle.



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