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Do you ever feel bored of your workout routine and also think that your fitness regimen may have hit a plateau? If the answer to that is yes, then perhaps you have been doing the same type of workout for long. As such, if you plan to amp up your exercise routine, incorporating a mix of workouts can help you attain your fitness goals better and at the same time break away from monotony.

If you are on board, here’s some inspiration from Mandira Bedi.

The actor, who recently included spinning in her routine, shared how workout at home can become easier when “you have variety and can mix things up a bit”.

“There’s #workfromhome and then there’s #workoutfromhome. And that’s made infinitely easier when you have variety and can mix things up a bit. I get a great workout in and keep monitoring my progress as I go along!” she mentioned in an Instagram post.

For the uninitiated, spinning or indoor cycling, is a form of exercise that focuses on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery using a stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel.

Why is variety essential in fitness routines?

As per Dr Richa Kulkarni, chief consulting physiotherapist, KINESIS- Sports Rehab and Physiotherapy Clinic, Pune, scientifically for an adult, five hours per week of moderate exercise or 2.5 hours of intense exercise or combination of the two is recommended.

Depending on various factors like age and health of the individual, an optimal balance of aerobic and strength training, along with flexibility exercises, makes for a good mix.

Variables in terms of intensity, duration, frequency within the exercise type play a major role in optimising your workouts.

How to add variety?

*Can increase the number of sets or reps.
*Can try and increase the duration of the exercise.
*Decrease the rest between exercises.
*Increase resistance workouts using your body weight, kettlebell, medicine ball etc.
*Slow down or speed up the motion.
*Try high intensity workout on one day and a full fledged full body toning the following day.

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