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When I reviewed the Fitbit Sense two years ago, it was an ambitious smartwatch. Its successor, the Sense 2? Eh, not so much. It’s hyperbole to say the Sense 2 is a complete downgrade, but I don’t think you can truly call it a smartwatch, either. This, my friends, is what I’d call a premium fitness tracker — and if you view it from that lens, it’s a good one. But is it really $300 worth of fitness tracker, especially since the Pixel Watch is only $50 more, has nearly all the same health features, and is much smarter?

Google Fitbit Sense 2


The Good

  • Superior stress tracking 
  • Redesigned UI is great
  • Physical button!
  • More comfortable, streamlined design

The Bad

  • No Google Assistant or third-party apps
  • Always-on display quickly drains battery
  • Google Wallet, Maps unavailable at launch
  • GPS accuracy is iffy

Falling behind …….


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