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No one likes to fail at anything, especially at love. Even if you are successful at work and friendships, dating can cause all sorts of anxiety and fear particularly if your love life continues to fall flat. According to relationship coach Laura Doyle, it’s normal to fear that you’re failing at dating.

“There’s an actual fear of ‘failing’ at the entire dating game; basically, wasting time with the wrong person, not finding your one, or just screwing up the relationship in general,” she says. “Imagine the stress and anxiety you feel when a work deadline is fast approaching, yet you’re not close to completing the task. Now crank that up 10 notches and you’ll have the emotions associated with what some people consider, their internal clock running out.”

The thing to remember, Doyle says, is that dating is meant to be fun—even if you’re “failing” at it. Think of it this way: Every “failed” experience is actually leading you closer to your ideal partner and relationship. Here’s why.

Change your mindset about dating and failure

People are often more scared of failure than excited by the adventure of dating, Doyle says, which can lead to choices they later regret. This could look like staying in an unhealthy relationship or convincing yourself that you don’t deserve love or that there’s something wrong with you if you haven’t found “the one” yet.

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