Experience Dolby With Gadgets 360: Tips to Unlock an Unbelievable Experience on Your PC – NDTV

In this week’s Experience Dolby with Gadgets 360, we look at some tips on how you can unlock an unbelievable PC experience with the help of Dolby technology. With Dolby Voice foron PC, you get the benefits of voice separation, Far-field pickup and dynamic noise suppression that can drastically improve your video conferencing experience. Not only that, but watching your favourite OTT content inon Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos during your downtime at work is an experience like none other. With Dolby Vision on PC, you get the best viewing experience with ultra-vivid picture quality, deep blacks, incredible brightness and colours that bring your entertainment to life! To sweeten the deal, Dolby Atmos on PC redefines your PC entertainment experience by producing breathtaking sound quality with enhanced richness, detail and realism to the audio Watch the video to know more.

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