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PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ERT, the global clinical endpoint technology leader, today announced that following its early Q2 merger with Bioclinica, a technological and scientific leader in medical imaging, the combined company is renamed Clario.

Clario is a technology company that generates the richest clinical evidence by fusing scientific expertise and global scale into the broadest endpoint technology platform. In doing so, Clario empowers its partners to transform lives. Clario is committed to innovating the future of clinical trials through technology and having a positive impact on global healthcare.

With almost 50 years of experience, Clario has mastered generating the reliable evidence needed to bring new medicines, medical devices and therapies to market. Clario’s scientific, regulatory, engineering and operations expertise guides clinical trial partners through every phase of clinical development. Led by over 200 therapeutic area experts, Clario delivers innovative therapeutic area technology solutions to meet clinical trial objectives.

Only Clario can deliver Trial Anywhere™, the ability to execute decentralized, hybrid and site-based clinical trials by deploying technology while maintaining the precision and reliability of evidence. Trial Anywhere™ offers sites and sponsors more clinical trial options, empowers patient choice, and provides the means to create diversity within clinical trials improving health equity.

“Clario is much more than the merger of two companies,” said CEO Joe Eazor. “We have combined decades of scientific expertise and unrivaled global scale to create the broadest endpoint technology platform poised to expedite the clinical trial process, simplify trial experiences and unlock composite endpoints. Our purpose is clear – we transform lives by unlocking better evidence.”

Since 1990, Clario has completed more than 19,000 clinical trials and contributed to 870 regulatory approvals. Between 2019 and 2020 alone, Clario supported 70 percent of all Federal and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals.

The new name and brand identity became effective on Nov. 3, 2021.

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About Clario 

Clario delivers the leading endpoint technology solutions for clinical trials. Through experience gained from over 19,000 clinical trials delivered in support of 870 regulatory approvals, Clario fuses scientific expertise and global scale into the broadest endpoint technology platform to enable pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device partners to transform lives. Through Trial Anywhere™, Clario has mastered the ability to generate rich evidence across all trial models: decentralized, hybrid and site-based clinical trials. With 30 facilities in nine countries across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Clario’s global team of science, technology …….


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