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Part of finding a significant other is peering through the mirror that one holds up in front of themselves. Judge Faith Jenkins provides the tools to see oneself with clarity, in order to have a healthy sense of attraction to someone else. In her new book, “SIS, DON’T SETTLE: How to Stay Smart in Matters of the Heart,” Jenkins examines the price of self-value and how it affects ones dating experience.

Jenkins is a host of the Daytime Emmy-nominated TV show “Divorce Court,” she has mediated different levels of conflict within relationships on a case-by-case basis.  According to the press release, Divorce Court reaches 95 percent of American households, with a daily national average viewership of three million viewers per episode.

Jenkins oversaw many files where love was misplaced into pockets of rage and hurtful words. When she put down her gavel for the day, Jenkins had to seek balance within herself, as a self-empowered Black woman in the present dating scene. While balancing her personal endeavors, Jenkins did not build her legacy. She has appeared on ESPN SportsCenter, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), DishNation, and TV One.

Additionally, Judge Jenkins did the work within herself in order to see a clear path that led her to her husband. She removed advice that did not serve her, silenced the peer pressure, and aligned herself with the internal clock that brought her to the next chapter.

After allowing herself to elevate within her space, Jenkins is happily married and approaching an additional hosting position on the upcoming Oxygen series “Killer Relationship.” She has found ways to unlock a new level of abundance within herself. The chapters in her new book outline the path she took in 256 pages, moving intentionally towards her elevation in life.

In many ways, time does not work in favor of women. After reaching a certain age, opinions of marriage, children, and the question of “when is it going to happen?” becomes a popular topic to discuss.

Even through reaching national prominence, Jenkins still felt the pressure of “when.” As explained in her book, Jenkins tuned into a different discussion and started to focus on personal value.  Thats when she decided, “I. Will. Not. Settle.”

“This is a book that is a practical guide and a playbook, on how to be smart and make great decisions, and win in love in relationships,” Jenkins explained. She elaborated on the reason why this book came into being.

Jenkins continued, “This is …….

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