Dwayne Johnson’s trainer breaks down his fitness routine for Black Adam – British GQ

One thing that hasn’t changed with him over the years is his consistency and his adherence to the plan. He’s just executing at such a high level for years and years, which is why he looks the way he looks. He honestly just loves to train, he’s never complained about an exercise.

Dwayne Johnson’s Diet

It’s always calculated, all the meals are measured out. For Black Adam we actually increased the food to seven meals a day, as we were really pushing his physique – trying to get the abs on point while getting those quads to really fly out and cap the shoulders. He was getting close to 500g of protein daily, and we’d add carbs and fats while looking to gain mass, cutting them when leaning out. In terms of foods, it’s always a mixture of lean protein sources like egg whites in the morning, beef twice a day, chicken breast and turkey breast throughout the day too. He would have a protein shake post workout but sometimes I’d replace that with an actual meal. The body responds so much better to whole food meals. We’d have simple carbohydrates, like a white rice meal, typically before or after the workout, because it’s easy to digest. And then more complex carbohydrates, like brown rice and sweet potato, later in the day. There’s chefs all over the world who he hires to prepare meals for when he arrives and is in those countries.

He takes supplements that have been prescribed based on his genetics and lifestyle, I’m not involved there but it’s a combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and probably some adaptogens to help with stress. I prescribe him my pre-workout (Zoa+ Pre-workout), we use creatine hydrochloride pre-workout and post-workout. Typically during the workout, he’ll take a branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and electrolytes, which help muscle recovery and hydration. The protein shake consists of multiple protein sources (via powders) and a carbohydrate powder. That’s pretty much it.

There are cheat meals, once or twice a week. The big cheat meal is typically on a Sunday. Another might happen if he’s had a busy week or is tired. Of course when we’re leaning out or preparing for a shirtless scene there’s no cheat meals a couple weeks beforehand, as we don’t want the excess sodium. But those meals do sometimes have functions too, to restore glycogen levels, but also as a nice mental break. Sometimes you need that reward at the end of the week when you’re training …….

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