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Citrus County School Board members approved two large technological purchases for the benefit of district students at their special meeting and workshop Tuesday.

First up was Nearpod, a lesson, video and activity creation delivery platform with formative assessments and other media features. The district will make the $85,320 purchase using ESSER II funds for technological assistance.

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District director of educational technology Kathy Androski said the platform allows teachers to turn their lessons into an interactive assignment for students.

Teachers receive real-time answers, allowing them to make in-the-moment changes to their instruction, thus increasing understanding. In addition, sick and/or quarantined students can participate in these lessons from home if necessary.

Androski said many teachers already use the free version, but have asked the district for the full paid version.

When she was a teacher, Androski purchased the program for her own classroom.

“If there were one tool that I think helped as an instructor, it was this one,” she said.

“I’ve heard some of the same comments from teachers who have been using it,” Citrus County School Board member Sandy Counts said.

Sandy Counts

Citrus County School Board member Doug Dodd asked Androski how the district would maintain the annual Nearpod fee in future years when they no longer have access to ESSER funds.

Androski said she plans to collect data on teacher usage to make sure Nearpod is utilized to its full benefit. If so, she said the district can look to grants and other sources of funding to maintain the program.

Board members also approved the $212,998.50 purchase of 91 BenQ smart boards. The district will be making this purchase with ESSER II funds for technological assistance.

BenQ is an interactive display board that syncs with desktops, iPads and other devices. Teachers can control their …….

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