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Black-owned beauty brands and their founders have historically disrupted the industry, pushing it to be more inclusive of the myriad of skin tones, hair textures, and cultures that exist out in the world but are often underserved when it comes to the shelves of beauty stores. These brands have arguably lead the way in creating lines of hair-care products for curly and coily textures, developing sunscreens that won’t make folks with darker skin look like Casper the Ghost, and offering cosmetics (beyond foundation!) in a selection of shades that work for darker skin tones. Brands like Fashion Fair, Mielle Organics, and Black Girl Sunscreen are just a few of the ones that have helped catalyze profound change in the beauty industry  — and that work continues around the world.

Here at Allure, we make an effort to feature as many Black-owned brands as possible — but they tend to be brands based in the United States. So, for our third iteration of The Melanin Edit, we wanted to highlight some of these wonderful Black-owned beauty brands that exist outside of our home country — whether across the pond in the United Kingdom or in one of the 54 African countries. For your international shopping pleasure, this list features makeup, skin-care, fragrance, and hair-care brands from every continent except for Antarctica. (Sorry penguins!) 

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