Demi Lovato Says They’d ‘Absolutely’ Consider Dating an Extraterrestrial – Glamour

Demi Lovato might leave their love life in the hands of the universe. Literally.

During the premiere of Face to Face With Becky G on Facebook Watch, the global superstars gave the world an unfiltered look into their lives, chatting about what it means to live your most authentic life, the importance of taking care of your mental health…and extraterrestrials.

While on the topic of meditation as a form of self-care, Lovato jokingly admits they wanted to use meditation as a way to potentially make contact with an ET. Wasting no time, Becky G asks her longtime friend whether they’d ever consider dating an ET if they checked off all the boxes of an ideal partner. Her answer? Of course.

“Absolutely, I’m so tired of humans and their human bullshit. I’m so over it; bring me an ET,” Lovato said, laughing. They finish the interaction with an expertly timed dad joke, saying the dating experience would be “out of this world.”

See the episode, below:

Of course, you can’t discuss ETs without the mention of ghosts. Becky G admits she’s “neck deep” into watching paranormal investigations and having to defend herself against people who say it’s fake. “If you believe in energy, bro, come on!” Becky G says to the sky with her arms raised in frustration. Lovato laughs and agrees: “Yes, thank you! It’s just energy.”

Lovato, who hosts Unidentified With Demi Lovato on Peacock, says they sang to a room full of ghosts during a UFO investigation in Vulture City, a ghost town in Arizona. “I’d never had a standing ovation from ghosts—or I like to think they were standing,” she said. 

It’s a ~haunting~ first episode for Becky G’s talk show dedicated to Latinx representation. But don’t worry, there are plenty more living guests set to make an appearance throughout the season, only on Facebook Watch. 


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