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With new technology to speed up voter check-ins and ballot counting, Dauphin County Bureau of Elections say they’re ready for Nov 2nd.

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — The countdown to election day is on and Dauphin County Bureau of Elections is ready.

“I feel pretty good… we have a great team of poll workers out there,” said Jerry Fraser, Election Director at Dauphin County Bureau of Elections.

Fraser with the help of Chair Commissioner Mike Preis, unveiled new technology election staff will be using on November 2nd.

Workers will be able to use iPad as poll books, its an easier way to quickly find voters’ information.

It also enables us that  if the voter is in the wrong district, it will alert them and provide them with their correct registered polling place, Fraser said.

Another new addition is an electronic ballot sorting machine. The device is paid for using grants and can count as many as 200 ballots in a span of minutes. Staff say it alleviates the amount of man power as they previously had to organize and count hundred of ballots by hand.

Across 159 voting precincts, Dauphin County has 360 voting machines. As of October 29th, two thirds of the 1200 poll workers have been trained.

In addition, the county has received nearly 14,000 mail in ballots which is a higher number compared to year’s past and it’s leaving staff puzzled.

“The question we have is– if its voters are switching the method in which they participate or whether the voters who are utilizing mail-ins and not otherwise participate in other elections,” Fraser said.

 If you plan to vote by mail and have not returned your ballot yet, state leaders suggest dropping it off at your county’s election office no later than 8 P.M on election day. 

Polls are open on election day, Tuesday Nov. 2nd from  7 A.M.to 8P.M.

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