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WHEN looking for a date online, singletons typically base their “swipes” off the limited photos and short answers that users provide on their profiles.

But a new audio feature on the popular dating app Hinge now lets members actually listen to their counterparts share information about themselves; and the internet is thoroughly entertained.


Hinge users can now include voice notes on their profiles and in their direct messages to people they match withCredit: TikTok


The response to the new audio feature has been unexpectedly funnyCredit: TikTok

Hinge’s new audio feature, which was released this October, allows users to answer the “getting to know you” prompts with a voice note instead of just text.

Common prompts include: “Worst Idea I’ve ever had,” “One thing I cannot live without,” “A goal of mine,” and “How to pronounce my name.”

One user, who goes by @melissamerk on TikTok, couldn’t help but laugh at some of the cringe voice notes she came across.

She posted a TikTok with the caption, “What a time to be alive #hinge.”

Shaking her head, she claimed: “I was going to delete hinge but then they came out with the audio feature..”

A series of Hinge profiles and the voice notes accompanying each then flashed on the screen.

The first profile had the prompt: “I’m weirdly attracted to.” The voice note that answered the question is less than a second long, with a man creepily saying: “You.”

In response to “Unusual skill?” another man’s voice note played: “Well, I’m surprisingly good at driving with my knees.”

To answer the prompt asking for “An overshare,” a brave soul revealed: “I was feeling super stressed so I went to the doctor and she gave me some pills for anxiety so I tried them out. And I ended up adopting six pet rats.”

A fourth guy thought it important to teach other Hingers how to pronounce his awfully complex name. In a monotone voice, he said: “Daniel. Like the name Daniel. Uh, to use it in a sentence: ‘Hey that cool guy Daniel over there.'”

And lastly, replying to the prompt “My simple pleasures,” one man shared what we can all agree on: “Having a bath after a long day is …….


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