Cybersecurity challenges drive adoption of zero trust – Washington Technology


Cybersecurity challenges drive adoption of zero trust

Executives share views on challenges as targets and frequency increase

The need to improve our cybersecurity posture is a no brainer but that doesn’t make it an easy proposition.

Executives at this Washington Technology Executive Perspectives roundtable described how the type of threats in today’s cybersecurity landscape are well known, but the frequency of attacks and types of targets continue to grow.

But they also see optimism stemming from President Biden’s May 12 Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity and how it advances concepts such as zero trust.

During our discussion, the executives often referred back to the executive order as laying a foundation for progress. But they also made it clear that there is no endpoint; no moment when constant vigilance is no longer the standard of good cyber hygiene.


Allen Badeau

Chief Technology Officer, NCI Information Systems

Daniel Carroll

Field CTO for Cybersecurity, Dell Technologies

Ian Dickinson

Chief Operating Officer, Bryce Technologies

Sujey Edward

CTO, Octo Consulting

Garland Garris

Senior Cyber Security Lead, Accenture Federal

Larry Henry

Chief Technology Officer, GDIT

Jeff Mims

Chief Technologist, Leidos

Jason Starkey

Director, Technical Services, Darkblade Systems

Bobbie Stempfley

Vice President, Dell Technologies

Note: Washington Technology Editor-in-Chief Nick Wakeman led the roundtable discussion. The September virtual gathering was underwritten by Dell Technologies, but both the substance of the discussion and the published article are strictly editorial products. Neither Dell nor any of the participants had input beyond their September comments.

This virtual discussion is part of a series of roundtables that Washington Technology has been conducting this year with industry executives. We convene a group of top executives in the market to share their insights. The discussion is on the record, but we operate under Chatham House rules in that comments will not be attributed to the individuals nor their companies. See the sidebar to view who attended our …….


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