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Norman has all of the benefits of a well-trained, older dog, with all of the youthfulness of a puppy. // Courtesy KCPP

We teamed up with KC Pet Project to host a weekly “Creature Feature” on loveable and adoptable pets here in the KC Metro. This week, KCPP is introducing Norman, a 9-year-old pit bull, and Simba, a 1-year-old domestic shorthair. Both loveable pets reside at the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care, where you can adopt them.

Aside from his dashing good looks and his gorgeous light brindle coat (read: suede jacket), there is so much to love about Norman! Go ahead and tune your radio dial to classic rock because if this charmer had a theme song, it would be “Forever Young.” Norm balances the cutest parts of puppyhood with the convenience of adopting a house-trained gentleman who knows how to kickback.

Until you meet him, it’s hard to properly convey just how endearingly his eternal youth manifests. Norman’s enthusiasm for toys matches the infectious spirit of a kid on Christmas morning, but unlike many kids, he’s great at entertaining himself! He will carefully select one toy at a time from a stack, give it a few test chomps, take it for a quick spin around the room (just wait until you see the prancing), and add it to the collection on his bed. Before you know it, he’ll have diligently emptied the toy bin and given each one its proper due. Norman has been with KCPP since May 27 of this year.

Simba is an affection seeker who loves natural light. // Courtesy KCPP

Simba’s personality can be summed up in three words; affectionate, sweet, and calm. Simba spends his day in one of our adoption rooms that has access to a ton of natural light so he loves getting in his sunbathing in the afternoons.

When you walk up to his kennel, he will immediately start making biscuits and purring. Simba is an affection seeker and only wants to please his people. He has been with KCPP since Oct. 19 of this year.

Norman and Simba are just some of the many animals in need of adoption at KC Pet Project. There are still other featured creatures that need adopting as well. Mister is a quiet and calm cat that loves all things food. Deangelo is a sweet, handsome, and gentle pit bull who loves hikes. Mamba is a dog who loves treats and affection, and Watermelon Sugar is a curious …….


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