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Bonfire Night is upon us once more, which for many Britons means congregating around a massive pyre of autumn leaves to witness a scarecrow of a 17th century political terrorist be gleefully set alight while chipping their teeth on stale toffee apples.

But one demographic that prefers not to “remember, remember the Fifth of November” is household pets, many of whom are terrified by the sudden and incomprehensible loud bangs, whizzes and screeches of nearby fireworks displays and the bright flashes of light blazing at their windows.

Fortunately, Classic FM has the answer for distraught puppies and kittens cowering under the furniture in fear: two nights of soothing broadcasting to drown out the Blitz exploding overhead.

Charlotte Hawkins will be hosting the return of the station’s popular “Pet Classics” programme, previously presented by Bill Turnbull, from 6pm to 10pm on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 November, which promises relaxing symphonic music, dedications and practical advice courtesy of the RSPCA on the two busiest nights of the year for fireworks.

“It’s a real privilege for me to host such an important and popular programme on Classic FM for pets and their human companions at this time,” Ms Hawkins said.

“The classical music that we’ve chosen is extra relaxing and soothing, so I look forward to welcoming everyone to what will be our radio sanctuary.

“It will be wonderful to introduce classical music to a whole new audience, especially the four-legged variety. I know there will be one new listener tuning in – my rescue dog, Bailey, who will be 17-years-old on Bonfire Night!”

The station’s managing editor Philip Noyce, adds: “At Classic FM, we believe that everyone can benefit from listening to classical music, and that goes for our pets too! In just four years, ‘Pet Classics’ has grown to become one of our most popular programmes of the year so, with support from the RSPCA, we are excited to announce two new and extended shows for 2021.

“We are also thrilled that Charlotte Hawkins will host this year’s programmes. Charlotte is both passionate about classical music and a dog-owner herself, so we look forward to her presenting the perfect soundtrack to keep pets and their owners chilled and relaxed this weekend.”

The seriousness of the anxiety suffered by pets at this time of year was underlined …….


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