Civil society and communities reflect on draft global health sector strategies on HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs for the period 2022-2030 – World Health Organization

The WHO Department of Global HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections Programmes is inviting members of former WHO civil society reference groups for HIV and hepatitis, the WHO advisory group of women living with HIV and community
and civil society representatives who have engaged with WHO this year as part of the process to develop the next series of global health sector strategies, to a webinar that aims to:

  • present an outline of the first full draft of the Global Health Sector Strategies that was shared with stakeholders on 4 October 2021;
  • outline next steps of the strategies’ development process;
  • solicit community and civil society stakeholder feedback on the draft strategies through panel discussions (including through those who helpfully provided detailed input in July 2021);
  • Solicit further feedback from webinar participants through the ZOOM chat function and poll questions.

Feedback from the webinar will be considered, alongside feedback from Member States, as the draft strategies are revised in November for presentation and discussion at the January 2022 Executive Board.

Join the webinar

Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 960 8789 2958

Passcode: @8qAzcfn


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