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This month at Greenback school, the Pre-K through fifth grades geared up to walk for their school. The second annual Cherokee Stomp took place on Oct. 22. The students walked to fundraise for their supplemental learning programs and technology.

Students were provided with a pledge form to receive donations for the school. Sponsors could contribute by paying per lap or with a flat donation. After the walkathon, students reported back to their sponsors the total laps they walked and collected the money. Due to the lift in some of the COVID protocols that were in place for last year’s Cherokee Stomp, parents and grandparents were encouraged to attend and cheer on their child.

Amanda Hoagland, the school sponsor, and the parent teacher organization worked tirelessly to put on this event, planning refreshments (donated by Sam’s Club,) paying for T-shirts for the participants and taking in forms. Next year, the PTO plans to print the names of the sponsors on the back of the shirts. This year, there was a pep rally before the walk with a spirit contest and the cheerleaders and band members lead the kids in their first lap.

Altogether, the elementary students at Greenback School raised $12,390 for their school. The top fundraiser was raised by Jed Perkins, a first-grade student in Kendra Holt’s class, for a total of $705. Due to his amount and the amounts raised by his classmates, Holt’s class raised the most funds and received a pizza party.

On Oct. 23, Greenback Middle School held a Halloween dance. The students dressed up in their costumes and there was a competition for best dressed. Lucas Holmes acted as DJ for this first school-sponsored dance since COVID. The middle school teachers have decided to use dances and similar activities as an incentive for good behavior after every nine weeks.

Lastly, Greenback High School invited a few National Guard Army recruiters to come and speak to the upperclassmen. Joining the National Guard is a great opportunity for students to eliminate student loans and debt from attending college. Students in the National Guard are required to serve one weekend out of the month and two weeks during the summer in order to be eligible for complete college payment from the National Guard.

These young adults are allowed to pick any program they wish to practice within the National Guard, from photography to combat training, as long as they make a satisfactory grade on the ASVAB. While earning their diploma, the students also learn valuable life skills and are blessed …….


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