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Smart fitness gadgets are popular, but do they actually deliver results? Well, these ones do. Learn more about them in this article.

You’ve seen—and maybe even bought—fitness gadgets that don’t do what they promise. Well, these smart fitness gadgets are different. While they boast fancy tech, it’s not just for face value. Their connectivity and sensors help you surpass your expectations.

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Most important, these fitness gadgets don’t put you in a fitness rut. For instance, the NordicTrack Vault, The Studio by FORME, Peloton Bike+, and others let you access workouts in a slew of fitness genres.

And that’s the key to fitness gadgets that work. Because you’re more likely to get the results you want if you like the gear you’re using. So have a look at the workout equipment below for exercise that works.

1. The NordicTrack Vault premier home gym has a 60-inch mirror and a smart HD touchscreen that lets you access different workouts.

NordicTrack Vault in use

You won’t get bored of working out with the NordicTrack Vault premier home gym. Its mirrored design gives you instant feedback and the smart touchscreen lets you choose between strength, yoga, HITT, and other exercises.

Get it for $1,999 on the official website.

2. The Peloton Bike+ home exercise bicycle gives you access to plenty of classes and works with the Apple Gymkit to track your stats.

Peloton Bike+ in a home

The Peloton Bike+ home exercise bicycle made our list of smart fitness gadgets that actually work because it’s so versatile. While it offers cycling classes, the 23.8-inch rotating touchscreen also provides meditation, strength, and stretching routines.

Get it for $2,495 on the official website.

3. The Tonal intelligent fitness system has workouts driven by machine learning. It’s like a gym and personal trainer in one system.

Tonal with a user

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