Bigg Boss 15’s Miesha Iyer confirms dating Ieshaan Sehgaal, says they went out after his eviction: Interview – India Today

Miesha Iyer, in an exclusive interview with India Today, on Novemer 8, said that she is dating Ieshaan Sehgaal. She also revealed that the duo had gone for a date on November 7.

Miesha Iyer confirmed that she is dating Bigg Boss 15’s Ieshaan Sehgal.

Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal fans were left disappointed after the couple was evicted from Bigg Boss 15 in last week’s Weekend Ka Vaar. The couple’s PDA has made headlines, with fans rooting for them. However, yesterday, on November 7 episode of Bigg Boss 15, Salman Khan rebuked Ieshaan and said that the show does not run on romance.

However, Ieshaan and Miesha have a pretty strong bond. In an exclusive interview with, on November 8, Miesha Ieyar confessed that the couple is dating and they are going pretty strong.


Miesha Iyer, in an exclusive interview, told us that she is dating Ieshaan and that the two even went out for a date last night. “We are dating. And since he has been evicted, we have been inseparable. It has been a month of us dating but we are pretty much together. We went out on a dinner date last night,” she said.

Further speaking about her bond with the ex-BB 15 contestant, Miesha said, “Love comes to you when you are not looking for it. Before I entered Bigg Boss, I was sure I would not get into a relationship or fall in love. Then Ieshaan happened and I was like oh ***t, now what? It was totally unexpected. It was such an intense and strong connection that it was undeniable.”


Miesha, when asked about returning to Bigg Boss sans Ieshaan said that it would be difficult but she would definitely love to come back to the controversial show. Miesha said, “It is difficult but yes why not? I think Ieshaan would also be happy. I had just started playing the game. Even the other contestants came up and told me I was playing well. So, yes, I will go back and bring my A-game on.”

Miesha and Ieshaan’s relationship was rebuked by many, including Salman Khan, who scolded them for indulging in too much PDA.

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