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During Big Brother 23, many fans thought Xavier Prather had a thing for Alyssa Lopez, but she already got involved with Christian Birkenberger. Following the season, they ended things between them. Recently, the cast reunited, and fans think Alyssa and Xavier might have become more than friends.

‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests, Xavier Prather and Alyssa Lopez | Francis Specker; Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez split shortly after ‘Big Brother 23’

During Big Brother 23, houseguests Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez hit it off, developing a showmance. Following their time on the show, both noted they planned to explore a long-distance relationship as they wanted to continue dating.

The two reunited during the finale and hung out but decided only a week later to take a step back and focus on their friendship.

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During an Instagram Live with runner-up Derek Frazier, she re-enacted the moment, claiming he asked her if she wanted to break up after she asked for space, and she bluntly answered, “yes.”

According to Christian, the two have come to realize the decision worked best for them, noting they’re the “happiest.” She agreed, referring to the situation as “too overwhelming,” but pointed out they’re still friends.

Fans think Xavier Prather and Alyssa have begun dating

For Halloween 2021 weekend, several BB23 castmates reunited in Tampa, Florida, and went to Busch Gardens.

Many fans noticed the interactions between Alyssa and winner Xavier Prather and wondered if the two started dating following her split with Christian.

One fan shared a clip that captured Alyssa and Xavier posing for a picture and talking before getting on a rollercoaster. Christian stood behind them and didn’t look too enthused, leading people to believe Xavier and Alyssa might have started a relationship.

While some saw it coming as the two often hung out in the house following Christian’s pre-jury eviction, others think Alyssa is only giving Xavier attention due to his win.

He previously admitted he found Alyssa attractive

Throughout Big Brother 23, Live Feed viewers thought Xavier might have wanted more than friendship with his Kings’ teammate. During a conversation with Cookout ally Hannah Chaddha, he admitted he thought Alyssa was “mad cute” and grateful that she and Christian found each other as …….

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