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The holidays bring up all sorts of different feelings for singles, which explains why some engage in cuffing season (aka when you “cuff” yourself to someone—metaphorically of course—to get through the winter months together). But now, according to Cosmo, there’s a different dating trend that couples need to look out for once it comes time to start decking the halls: snow globing.

According to Minaa B., an eharmony relationship expert, it’s not as cute as it sounds.

Snow globing is a dating trend during the holiday season when a person engages in loving acts and appears to want to become more serious with their partner,” she explains. “Then they disengage, retreat or change their behavior after the holidays end.”

You might be thinking, why on earth do people do this? Well, to be fair, most people aren’t doing it on purpose. They’re just getting swept up in the warm and fuzzy feelings the holidays bestow upon us.

“Humans are wired for connection and holidays are historically known for moments of love, connection, and celebration, which induces this ‘high’ feeling,” B. says. “We also see an increase in romantic holiday movies and entertainment, which reinforces the message that the holidays are rooted in love.”

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While this doesn’t have to be a negative thing—wanting to connect with another person is amazing—it’s important to take inventory of how this “high” impacts us, and influences the way we seek love. “[We want] to ensure that the connections we foster have meaning and aren’t a way to cope with our discomfort,” B. says.

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